• SMS Message Backup & Restore App is one of the best applications that allows a user to backup SMS/MMS messages on one Android device & then restore to another.
  • MMS messages include messages that contain pictures,Gifs, music & videos.
Launch the app on both devices -> Select the role of the device as Sender or Receiver -> Allow permissions -> Now choose network: Hotspot / Wi-Fi. To connect over Wi-Fi, ensure that both devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi network -> After that, use Sender device camera viewfinder to scan QR code appearing on Receiver device -> Accept connection request -> Choose SMS/MMS -> Press Start & all your desired data is transferred.
The app needs access to your device data to enable backup & restore as per Google policies. Make sure you read the list of permissions in our “Privacy Policy”. You will get a better understanding of what information the app really needs & what functions of your device the app has access to just by reading that list.
SMS & MMS messages moved from the sender device are directly stored in the local SMS app of your receiver device or phone’s messaging database.
  • It supports all messaging apps that use the device’s carrier-based SMS & MMS messages.
  • It does NOT support anything that has its own messaging platform (WhatsApp, Skype, WeChat, Lyne, etc.) as they do not use SMS/MMS.
There could be following reasons:
  • Sender/Receiver device disconnected the backup & restore process
  • In case of Wi-Fi , both devices are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  • In case of Hotspot , the receiver device is connected to a different hotspot
  • The receiver device is connected to the same hotspot but it is out of range from the receiver's hotspot connection
  • Hotspot/Wi-Fi turned off by the Sender/Receiver
No, it does not. The backup & restore facility is only from Android to Android.
Yes, you can backup & restore SMS/MMS messages via two options:
  • Wi-Fi
  • Hotspot

To backup & restore over Wi-Fi: both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. To backup & restore over hotspot: this app does not use your mobile data at all. Mobile data is only used in order to create a successful connection between the two devices.

There is no need for the devices to be the same. You only need to allow your receiver device to be a default SMS app for the process.
  • It appears the phone shows the dialog to change the default SMS app but does not let the app confirm that it is the default SMS app.
  • In most cases, it may occur if you have disabled any permissions at the initial stages. Enable permissions from “settings” & then SMS Messages Backup & Restore app should work.
No, it is a free app with absolutely no charges at all.
The app does not have any restrictions on the number of SMS or MMS messages it backs up & restores. Users can simply use this SMS backup app multiple times - anytime, anywhere.
We’ve created an in-depth video of how to backup & restore messages on your Android phones.
In case if you don’t receive the transferred SMS/ MMS in your Google Nexus device, head on to the mobile settings, select the SMS Message Backup & Restore app as your Default SMS app & then open the messages application. Here you will find all the messages transferred through our application.
If you still face any problem then feel free to share your query at support@movemymessages.com for further support & discussion.